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Unpub At Origins! (Day 2 of Origins Report!)

We are having a blast at Origins! We opened up our Unpub area at around 1:30pm today and I’ve pretty much been here all day. It’s nearly 3:00am on Friday now.

What’s happening right now in the Unpub area? Well, Brian Lewis (designer of Titans of Industry being published by Gozer Games) is presenting a new one to two new players. The Dice Hate Me Games team is demo-ing their upcoming release Take The Bait to Darrel, Shawn, TC, and Eric from Games & Grub.

Just a few minutes ago I finished a rousing and fun game of Flummox with three new fans. Flummox got three plays today: 2 four player games and a two player game early in the day.

What else has been on the table? What major unpublished game hasn’t?

Clever Mojo Games has been presenting two titles tonight (not including the awesome Flummox.) Their very next kickstarter game (scheduled to hit in July is Princes of the Dragon Throne.  The company has also been heavily developing a game called Forge. We were lucky to host them tongiht.

CW Karstens  (designer/publisher of Dragon Valley) presented a new title he’s been working on, Meager Kingdom which was well received and interesting.

Crash Games provided entertainment with Giant Rise and some Legend of the Lost Dutchman, currently on Kickstarter.

Pirate Dice (another game currently on Kickstarter) got some play tonight.

We had Fast Food Dice, another game by Brian Lewis (designer of Titans of Industry.) which was absolutely gloriously fun! A really winner!

Benjamin Rosset presented his game Mars Needs Mechanics, which is set to be published by Nevermore games. I had a chance to play this one again (I played it last August.) I really enjoyed the changes and think it’s awesome game.

Also presented was the heavily hyped game States After the Fall. I haven’t had a chance to play it, but I will on Saturday as we”ll be running an unofficial States After the Fall Newbie Scenario Tournament starting at 2pm! We’ll be doing this in conjunction with co-designer Aaron Winkler.

The last game I know that hit the table was a game from the upcoming Pink Dwarf label. It’s called Awesome Possum. Apart from the name (which I LOVE,) I know little else…well, besides the fact that the game is designed by Fred Mackenzie.

So much fun tonight in Hall D. We’re going to start later tomorrow…. We’ll be in place in Hall D around 7pm (after the exhibit hall closes.) We had a few people early today, but not too many. We’re just going to start a little later on Friday!

Thanks Everyone! I appreciate alll the fun and effort. Thank you!



Author: Darrell Louder

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