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Origins Photos Requested

Send your photos of prototypes

and the Unpub ProtoZone


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While Unpub was at Origins, I was not.

It was a beautiful thing to watch the Twitter feed for games that were unpub related, designers I know that are out there doing their best to get noticed. I was happy to have such a great team of volunteers watching over the Big Blue Noodle and talking to people, dealing with the paperwork and making things happen.

Double Up by Sizzle Moth. Photo by Chris Zinsli.

Double Up by Sizzle Moth. Photo by Chris Zinsli.

One thing I never seem to have enough of after every event is pictures. Pictures are one of our greatest tools to drum up interest in an emerging game. People will see the game before they play it…a picture can spark the discussion that leads to the conversation that ends in the sale every designer is hoping for.

…So, let’s see what you got.

If you took photos at Origins 2013 and those photos include prototypes of Unpub games, we’d love to see them and help you share them. Maybe it was a game during our ProtoZone in the Board Room each night. maybe it was a shot of one of a game already in the program, maybe it was just a prototype being played at a table in open gaming, the food court…or on a floor somewhere. Whatever, where-ever…as long as it’s a prototype we’re happy to see it, and if we can confirm it fits, we’re happy to share.

Now, we also want photos of games that are finally out in the wild. Games like Pixel Lincoln, VivaJava, Salmon Run, Mars Needs Mechanics…or upcoming games like Paradise Fallen,Princes of the Dragon Throne, Council of Verona, Compounded, Brew Crafters, ┬áTessen, VivaJava Dice… and so many others. If you have shots of those games, we’d love to share them too. Send them along….

VivaJava: Dice by TC Petty III. Coming soon from Dice Hate Me Games. Photo by Eric Leath.

VivaJava: Dice by TC Petty III. Coming soon from Dice Hate Me Games. Photo by Eric Leath.

We will attribute every photographer and every designer and game we can. All photos will be hosted and shared in our Origins 2013 Event Page.

We will also be sharing them via Facebook, and on Tumblr in the coming weeks. Shots from each game will start appearing on the game’s Game Entry within the next month. So, these photos, your name, your game will be out there. We take no ownership of your photos and want to share. We’re happy that you’re willing to share with us.

All you need to do is send the photos to and we’ll get them up as soon as we can.


Thank you for sharing!

Author: Darrell Louder

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