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Preview: Mars Needs Mechanics

I’ve been waiting a while to post this review. I’m really excited about this game and you should be too. Mars Needs Mechanics was designed by Benjamin Rosset and has been a part of no less than 5 Unpub events! It’s a game we’ve had our eye on for over a year. We’ve seen it develop along the way and it’s absolutely beautiful. The first I heard of the game was in June 2011. It was called the Market and I didn’t get to play it at our first unofficial Unpub Mini. A few weeks later at the WBC I was given the opportunity to play the game and I have to admit I was luke-warm on it. I liked it, but it felt slight.  The game felt like a solid core waiting for something more. The basic concept was buying and selling of goods. The goods were limited to what was randomly available each round and their price was determined by what was bought and sold in the previous round. It was neat. Felt solid in it’s concept. It was interesting because the way you interacted with goods affected their future price, which meant you had to consider each buy and when you made it. Sometimes that meant you might lose out on an opportunity. Wait a tad too late and you lost the good to someone else’s buy. It became a game of wits where the goods were tools and the players were where the game lived. I really loved that aspect, but that was all there was to it. Well, the game continued to develop and in January of 2012, Ben brought the Market to Unpub2. He sold one of his prototypes to an attendee. Someone loved the game so much that they couldn’t go home without a copy! It was shortly after that weekend that Ben sold the game to a publisher. Nevermore Games was going to publish The Market, but the name and theme had changed. It was now Mars Needs Mechanics. Ben brought this new version to an Unpub Mini in Washington, DC’s Labyrinth Game Shop. It was one of the hits of the event. people came specifically to see Mars Needs Mechanics. I opted not to give the game a play that day because…well, I was busy and I knew I’d have another chance to play at Origins in a few weeks. Ben barely got a break as people signed up for a waiting list to play Mars Needs Mechanics, so I didn’t need to deny anyone a seat at his table. As mentioned, a few weeks later Origins came along. Ben and John...

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  Designer(s) Name: Chris Urinko Contact: Website: # of Players: 2-4 Play time: 30-60 minutes Ages: 12+   Battlejack is a fast paced arena game. Players create custom fighters and fight to the death in the arena. The last one standing takes home the spoils. The game has a modular board, 12 different fighters, 40 different fighter options, a wagering component, and is resolved through the use of playing cards. Battlejack appeared at the CritCon North...

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