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Board Game Licensing Contracts

Finding a publisher for your design can be hard, and knowing a fair contract when you’re offered one can be even harder.

Over this past year, we’ve been releasing reports about board game licensing contracts at, based on an industry survey we ran.

The final series of six infographics–included below–reveals the industry’s standard terms, where the industry is falling short and how it’s changing, how designers can get what they want from a publisher, and lots more.

Signing a Game 1Signing a Game 2

Kickstarter Effect

Pros vs Newbs

Designers' Desires

View From a Deal

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  1. This was a great write-up! Thanks for both the run-down of information and the introduction to Cardboard Edison. 🙂

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  2. Very well done. I think us independents should co-op for game fairs to help us lean on each other for growth purposes. Thank You.

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  3. Fantastic information and presentation. Thank you for putting this together and likewise introducing me to CardboardEdison

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