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Unpub Preview: Tuesday Night Tanks

One of our upcoming events is Protospiel-Milwaukee (and Mid-West Unpub.) This is not an event I will be able to attend, and it is being managed by James Mathes of Minion Games. Games coming to Protospiel-Milwaukee register through a different entity, and by doing so don’t get a page here on This is our first time with this type of partnership and we’re testing these policies out. One way we can support the games and designers coming to this event is through these previews. So, today we continue our series of previews of games coming to Protospiel- Milwaukee.

The second game Chevee Dodd is bringing to Protospiel- Milwaukee is Tuesday Night Tanks, a card driven combat game. Tanks are not known for their speedy delivery of their payload, but they sure pack a lot of punch…especially on Tuesdays!

We’ll cut to the chase, and let Chevee talk to us about these tanks and their maneuverability…

What was your inspiration for Tuesday Night Tanks? I wanted to design a game that fits in The Game Crafter’s new Small Pro box… I also wanted to use their awesome tank pieces. I grew up playing Car Wars and thought it could work well with a Wings of War type movement mechanic.

What is your favorite part of Tuesday Night Tanks? Looking at it. With the board all set up, it just looks awesome. I’d love to find a way to have some 3D models printed for some of the structures so it could really come to life!

To your knowledge, What do other people find most interesting about Tuesday Night Tanks? – There’s two ways to win: destroy your opponent’s tanks or stay on the hill for a turn. Players seem to like that struggle as the hill brings everyone within firing range.

What has been the most challenging part of designing Tuesday Night Tanks?  Art. This is the first game I have done 100% of the graphic design by myself. It was not easy.

What advice would you give to players attempting Tuesday Night Tanks for the first time? Pay attention to the facing of your tank! When you pick movement cards, you need to be positive which way your tank will go!

What has surprised you most in play-tests of your Tuesday Night Tanks? I thought the game would drag on a bit. I had to actually make it harder to kill tanks to keep the game moving for a few extra turns.

People who like___________ will like Tuesday Night Tanks. Why?   RoboRally. You play your cards face down each turn and all players simultaneously reveal their movements and move their tanks. Just like RoboRally, the facing of your tank is important to pay attention too and it can be very easy to mess up!

What do you hope to accomplish at Protospiel-Milwaukee (and Mid-West Unpub)? – The deck of cards that drives the game needs more balance. I hope to get in enough testing to figure out what needs adjusted.

Tell us anything else you want to say about Tuesday Night Tanks that I haven’t asked or you haven’t said already. This game was designed for The Game Crafter’s Map Builder contest, but turned into something a little bigger. I have plans to continue developing it for a while and eventually will be selling it through TGC.

Don’t get crushed by the rush to play this one. Get there early and blow the rest of the players away!

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Author: Darrell Louder

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