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Unpub Preview: Too Big To Fail

One of our upcoming events is Protospiel-Milwaukee (and Mid-West Unpub.) This is not an event I will be able to attend, and it is being managed by James Mathes of Minion Games. Games coming to Protospiel-Milwaukee register through a different entity, and by doing so don’t get a page here on This is our first time with this type of partnership and we’re testing these policies out. One way we can support the games and designers coming to this event is through these previews. So, today we continue our series of previews of games coming to Protospiel- Milwaukee.

One of the things I’ve realized as I’ve done this previews is just having the preview form to go on for these games isn’t the greatest idea in the world from an information perspective. In a way I have failed. Kind of like the banks and financial institutions a few years ago (and continuing…)

While you sit there and ponder that particular segue, just remember the name of the deck-building game we’re previewing here: Too Big To Fail. Yeah, it’s about banking, finances and golden parachutes! Taking current events and turning them into games isn’t new, but it’s not done nearly enough as it should be. History, fantasy, and…future are far more escapist, but can’t you imagine the fun of bilking people out of millions of dollars and getting away with it? With David Sheppard’s newest design, maybe you can.

Let’s have David tell you about it….

What was your inspiration for Too Big To Fail? The banking bailout

What is your favorite part of Too Big To Fail?  How the stock cards work

To your knowledge, What do other people find most interesting about Too Big To Fail? Not a clue. This will be the first time anyone but me has played it. I’m hoping the way you build portfolios in preparation to gather gold parachutes will be the highlight as it’s the core mechanic. I’m hoping people will be forgiving on the partial art.

What has been the most challenging part of designing Too Big To Fail? The stock card values has been the biggest hurdle and, should these values prove too difficult, I ordered a second, cheaper set of stock cards to try.

What advice would you give to players attempting Too Big To Fail for the first time?  Concentrate on stock cards buying into a few dummy corporations. This way, you can easily rebuild the dummy corps and acquire the Golden Parachutes easier.

People who like___________ will like Too Big To Fail. Why?   Dominion, Venture, Black Friday

What do you hope to accomplish at Protospiel-Milwaukee (and Mid-West Unpub)?  I just hope the game isn’t a complete wash. That people find the concept and design engaging and enjoyable. Getting a publishing deal wouldn’t be bad either.

Tell us anything else you want to say about Too Big To Fail that I haven’t asked or you haven’t said already.  Because it’s the first run and I expect to have missing gaps in card ideas, etc, I bought 40 extra cards with blank fronts to add to the game as needed.

This game is too interesting to miss. Failing to play it would be a big mistake!


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Author: Darrell Louder

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