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On the LONG and uneventful drive from PAX East 2014 (in Boston, MA) Darrell & Mike had an idea to record a ‘stream of thought podcast’ to help pass the time. This is the product of that idea. They are still driving (currently passing mile post 69.2 on the NJ TurnPike). Hopefully they’ll be home before you give this a listen.

Sit back and enjoy Darrell & Mike discuss the drive, PAX East, Designers, Games, Publishers, and tired rambling.

[right click this to download]

NOTE: This is a stream of conscience and done on the road, with minimal editing. So there may be some NSFW content… keep the kiddies away just in case.

Points of discussion:

Unpub Designers attending PAX East:

  • Derrick Vidal
  • Eric J Handler
  • Anthony Amato
  • David Wilkinson
  • Mackenzie Cameron
  • Zachary Hoekstra
  • Eli Kosminsky
  • Michael Batista
  • Jeremy Burnham
  • Joe Stanziano
  • Mick Sullivan
  • Matt Golec
  • Meghan McG
  • Carlos Coral
  • Max Seidman
  • (if your name was left off this list, please comment below)

Author: Darrell Louder

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  1. Hi Darrel,

    Thanks again for organizing a great Unpub. Mack shared his spot with me on the first day and I enjoyed playing my game Pleasant Dreams with several PAX attendees.



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  2. Sorry I neglected to add my name to this list before the event. I was there, demo-ing “The Game of 49” in the AdMagic booth. Had a terrific, if exhausting, time, and was glad to see the Unpub banner flying high at the booth.

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