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Empires of Furindale

Designed by: Jeremy Dorman
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 13+ Time: 3-5 hrs Files:  - 

Empires of Furindale

A 4x RTS-style tabletop wargame with worker placement, resource collection, resource management, building upgrades, troop upgrades and miniature turn-based combat.
Players take the role of one of the "Furry" Empires of Furindale:

The Machka Empire (Cats)
The Krolik Empire (Rabbits)
The Lobo Empire (Wolves)
The Shongmo Empire (Pandas)
The Kalulu Empire (Sheep)

Each Empire has it's own unique repertoire of troops and special abilities, as well as variable empire bonuses.
Build your empire by making villagers, collecting resources, building and upgrading buildings, making and upgrading troops, and exploring your surroundings to uncover more resources.

Go to war with your neighbors to steal resources and hamper their progress or establish trade relations, increasing your ability to manage your resources.
Combat is dealt with on a special combat grid off of the main overland board and provides a tactical, turn-based war gaming experience, where the troops you have and how you use them can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
Game modes include secret mission, gold rush and Hegemony(world domination).