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Fisher King

Designed by: Gary Beason
Players: 1 - 4 Ages: 12+ Time: 60-90 Minutes Files:  - 

Fisher King

Injured grievously in battle, the king remains wounded, unable to heal. The land also sickens: Fields and produce rot, pastures turn sickly brown, lakes reek of dead fish.

And evil long thought gone returns.

Only a fabled magic cauldron can heal the king and the land. Find the fragments of a map that leads to the cauldron . . . and those that keep it.

GAMEPLAY: Cooperative. Dice rolling. Modular board. Area movement. Variable character abilities.

Explore map tiles, roll dice to win challenges, use special abilities to gain maximize success.

SUMMARY: In the first phase, players must search the kingdom for 4 map fragments to find the location of the cauldron. Players create a random 3x3 grid with different terrain (hills, mountains, etc.) and settings (stormy, frozen, enchanted, etc.). At each location, players first face a random challenge and then search for rewards. Some challenges are quests requiring multiple actions.

Events also inflict the kingdom with Blight, which make exploration and challenges more difficult. If the Blight covers all the kingdom, players lose.

In the second phase, players travel to a mystic location where they must face a Guardian and its minions. The location and Guardians are also random.

Players win by defeating the Guardian and minions.