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Random Battles

Designed by: Raf Rahman
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 8+ Time: 10-15 Minutes Files:  - 

Random Battles

"Fight Anyone with Anything, while defending yourself with Everything!"

A chaotic battle between you and your friends, you'll throw horrific combos against their equally unsettling defences. Who will triumph? In the Randomverse, anything can happen!

Launch monstrous attacks left and right and let your friends defend, if they can! Intercept an attack with a well times counter or KO your enemies with a devastating power up. Beware, lurking in the deck is a card that no one wants to draw...

200 Unique Cards!
-200 cards to attack nefariously and defend atrocioulsy
-18x Heart Point tokens to keep track of your life
-1x Turn token so you know who's leading the charge
-1x Rule sheet so you know what to do!