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Draco Magi

Designed by: Robert Burke & Richard Launius
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 8+ Time: 30 Minutes Files:  - 

Draco Magi

Draco Magi is a card game designed by Robert Burke and Richard Launius. To start, each player will select an apprentice dragon mage they wish to play.

Each mage will receive a deck of dragon cards. This deck includes multiple copies of 4 different chromatic dragons (Green, Red, Black & Purple) 4 different metallic dragons (Gold, Silver, Brass & Bronze), and 2 special dragon cards (the Battle dragon and the Polar dragon).

Each dragon has a different strength, weakness and special ability. Players will send their dragons, one at a time, to capture gems on different battlefields. Each battlefield offers a different effect that may give an advantage or disadvantage to certain types of dragons.

Each apprentice will send 8 dragons in a round to fight on three different battlefields each round. When a dragon is placed it may make a ranged attack. Once each player has placed all of their dragons, melee combat begins.

The game uses a unique "battle deck" that resolves both ranged and melee attacks. Players will also earn, and gain advance battle cards that will build their decks over the course of the game.

Not all dragons have a ranged attack breath weapon. Those that do, have a breath weapon icon with a number. The number indicates the number of battle cards the player may reveal when attempting to hit with a ranged attack. A defender may defend with the number of cards equal to the dragon's shield value. A ranged attack can only take place immediately when the card is played against an opposing dragon. If a ranged attack is not used at this moment, the ranged attack is forfeited for the current round.

Player's alternate playing Dragon cards on battlefields until they have played all 8 of their Dragon cards. Each player can play maximum of 3 Dragons on a single battlefield.

After all Dragon cards have been played, the melee phase of the battle begins. Each dragon has a Melee Attack value printed on their card. This represents the number of battle cards the player can draw for the battle. The melee battle mechanic is a unique attack and counter system that provides opportunity for deduction, subtlety and deadly combos.

The player with the most dragons present on a battlefield wins that gem. In the case of a tie, the dragons and gem remain for the next round.

Draco Magi is a fast game that is heavily connected to its theme, and incorporates area control, bluffing, hand management, deck building and deduction.