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Dice Heroes

Designed by: Tony Miller and John Prather
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 13+ Time: 1 Hour Files:  - 

Dice Heroes

Dark times have come to the land and the incursions of the Goblin, Kobold, and Orc tribes have become more frequent and costly. The Kingdom is in desperate need of heroes to take the fight to its enemies and save it from the enemies that besiege it from all sides. Are you one of those heroes?

Dice Heroes is a cooperative card game for 2-4 players that recreates the experience of an old school RPG theater-of-the-mind dungeon combat. Each player takes on the role of one of four heroes which brings different abilities to bear in the fight against the enemies of man. Will you be the Warrior, a juggernaut who uses his armor and shield to defend his comrades, the Rogue, an opportunist that specializes in exploiting the weak points of his foes, the Cleric, a war priest who acts as a balm to his allies and a curse to his enemies, or the Mage, a wielder of eldritch energies that can unleash the fury of the elements upon his foes?

Once each player has selected a hero, players will pick which dungeon lair they would like to invade. Will you pick the Kobolds whose traps are as dangerous as their new dragon master, the Orcs whose new Warlord has channeled their rage into a fearsome battle force, or the Goblins whose ambush tactics may be more dangerous than their advanced weaponry?

After all choices have been made, the players will work together using their special abilities and a shared dice pool to defeat the A.I. controlled enemy dungeon. Each round starts with the Dungeon turn, and then the players will take their turns in marching order. Every dungeon has its own unique card distribution and core mechanic in addition to a unique victory condition. Play continues until the players have completed the victory condition or until one of the heroes reaches 0 HP.