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Conquest at Kismet

Designed by: Jay Vales
Players: 2 - 2 Ages: 13+ Time: 30 min-1 hour Files: RULES  - 

Conquest at Kismet

Conquest at Kismet is a two-player, turn-based, head-to-head card game utilizing a lottery-like method for combat, and set in the fictional galaxy of Raccroc where large motherships comprised of evolved humans battle and wander the space-lands for control.

This game is my attempt to bring something new to the card game space. There are 2 primary mechanics: 1) A time mechanic that shows an intuitive way of displaying cooldown on an ability and 2) A combat system using a lottery-like mechanic. This results in a balanced and fair combat system where anything can happen and a seemingly losing opponent can feel like they still have a chance at victory.

This game has been tested by people from pro-level Magic players, to experienced board gamers, to pure novices to the card/board game hobby and have fared well on all levels.

Conquest at Kismet will be released by Victory Point Games on August 20, 2015. There are major plans for expansions which are being tested right now.

"Non nova sed nove" - Not new things, but in a new way.

Feedback Averages

The below numbers are the average scores, rated by the feedback forms collected.

4/5 game length
5/5 learning ease
5/5 decisions
4/5 downtime
5/5 interactivity
5/5 originality
5/5 fun

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