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Junkyard Fort

Designed by: Matt Wolfe
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 12+ Time: 45 Files:  - 

Junkyard Fort

Junkyard Fort is Galaxy Trucker meets Home Alone! First you'll build the best fort you can by drafting cards from a central pile of junk cards, trying to create traps for other players who come looking for your treasures. Then you'll explore the forts of the other players in an effort to find their prized treasures. Whoever did the best job of building, exploring, foiling traps, and collecting treasures will win!

Feedback Averages

The below numbers are the average scores, rated by the feedback forms collected.

4/5 game length
4/5 learning ease
4/5 decisions
4/5 downtime
4/5 interactivity
4/5 originality
5/5 fun

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