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Philosopher's Stone: An Alchemist's Journey

Designed by: Monte Whitbeck
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 10+ Time: 60-90 Files: RULES  - 


Before the emergence of modern science, great thinkers of the past believed that the elements of the natural world could be transformed through the process of alchemy from base metals to the noble metals such as silver and gold. The key to accomplishing these transformations was the discovery of the fabled philosopher’s stone.

In Philosopher’s Stone: An Alchemist’s Journey, your goal is to become the first alchemist to transmute lead into gold by unlocking the secrets of the philosopher’s stone.
Philosopher's Stone: An Alchemist's Journey is a set collection game. Players compete to be the first to move through the seven metal stages to turn their lead into gold. Each stage requires the player to have the right combination of cards in their laboratory to complete the transmutation and move to the next stage. The correct process card is needed (either Incineration, Distillation or Transformation) along with the right combination of element cards. Element cards are either Mundane (Arsenic, Magnesium, Sulfur and Zinc) or Pure (Earth, Air, Fire and Water). The difficulty in collecting the right combination increases through the stages, as more cards are needed and ultimately, the rare Philosopher's Stone card is a must-have to finally create gold and win the game.

As a player works to collect the right combination of cards to move to the next stage, they will find themselves with unnecessary cards in their hand, but these are far from useless! Depending on a player's style and strategy they may decide to save up cards needed for future stages, or they may use them to formulate effects that allow them to more easily find the cards they need. Or, if a player is so inclined, they can use their cards to formulate effect that hinder their opponents; allowing them to steal cards from their opponents or forcing them to discard them.