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Race to Innovation

Designed by: Mike Holyoak
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 45–60 Files:  - 

Race to Innovation

A dice placement game of fantastical Innovations in an alternate steam punk world.

1929: The world was poised on the edge of collapse, facing economic meltdown and a catastrophic energy crisis. Then a freak meteor shower rained Elementium from the heavens. Even small shards of the powerful crystals are enough to generate tremendous amounts of energy.

Seizing the opportunity, four factions of military experts, scientist and industrialists are now scrambling to scavenge the powerful energy source and use it to develop strange and fantastical gadgets, never-before-seen vehicles and devastating weapons. Only the faction that best utilizes its operatives (dice) will win this Race to Innovation and forge their Elemental Empire.