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Elemental Empire

Designed by: Mike Holyoak
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 30 Files:  - 

Elemental Empire

Elemental Empire is an area influence game where players control a team of Operatives attempting to seize control of a handful Elementium sites. Elementium allows you to power your faction’s unique Innovations—granting you game-winning Empire Points as well as powerful abilities to help you claim future Elementium sites.

While each player controls a team of Operatives with the same power and abilities, each faction has their own unique Innovations and abilities allowing you to tailor your play style to the faction’s strengths.

Will you utilize the Zeppelin to move your Operatives at the last minute? Wipe out an entire location with the Iron Rhino? Or activate the Hydrofield Generator to double the power of your Operatives?

The Operatives you deploy and the Innovations you power will determine whether or not you’re successful in creating an Elemental Empire.