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Lovecraft Estates

Designed by: Mike Holyoak
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 45 minutes Files:  - 

Lovecraft Estates

In retrospect, perhaps making a deal with a Great Old One in return for a pristine neighborhood wasn’t such a good idea.

Sure, crime has been eliminated, the gangs are…well, gone, and you have won Neighborhood of the Year four times in a row. But the Devourer in the Park is still hungry, and all that’s left to offer him are the fine residents of Lovecraft Estates.

Lovecraft Estates is a property building game of treachery and home improvement.

Take on the roles of community leaders to add value to your home, undermine your neighbors’ efforts, take advantage of your upgrades, and protect your home from unexpected visits from otherworldly horrors.

Only the player with the most valuable property will be named head of the Homeowners Association and be granted immunity from the annual sacrifice to Subholos: The Devourer in the Park.