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Cards: The Attackening!

Published by: Designed by: Wanton Walrus Productions
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 10+ Time: 15-45 Minutes Files:  - 

Cards: The Attackening!

Cards: The Attackening! is a card-battle game for 2–5 players, based around a group of heroes and rogues—known as Attackeners—battling for prestige using a vast Arsenal of Pets, Weapons, Armor, Items, and special Evasions to do what they do best: Beat the tar out of each other. Of course, Fate, ever the meddler, intervenes to distort the rules on the battlefield. Each game comes with a hard box, 111 cards split into three decks, instructions, and two 12mm dice. Each copy supports 2-5 players, so you can share the wealth/misery without breaking the bank!

Cards: The Attackening! has its roots in (CCGs) but with a few twists that add a little extra to help shake up the “I hit you for 3 damage. You hit me for 4 damage” formula. For example, players roll to Attack(ening) their foes, Defending players can respond instantly with Evasion cards, and there are chances to deal massive damage and/or totally whiff on the hit. We’ve found this adds some uncertainty and keeps folks on their toes.

Cards: The Attackening! was successfully Kickstarted in August 2014 and we have just recently shipped backers their rewards. We're open for orders on our website now and are working on a second round of Kickstarter fun to get the game to retail.

Check out our demo video link for a better idea of how the game breaks down.