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Smash: the Way of the Street

Designed by: Mathew Hoy
Players: 2 - 2 Ages: 10+ Time: 20mins Files:  - 

Smash: the Way of the Street

In Smash: The Way of the Street, players are the leaders of gangs in a futuristic city, fighting others for control over the streets.

Through the use of lackeys, badass minions, and tech (brontobikes, laser katanas, and monkey-adrenaline energy drinks), players overthrow each other's hideouts and win the game!

Players have described Smash: The Way of the Street as a sort of mashup of Max Max meets Johnny Mnemonic, with a sprinkle of luchador wrestling.

Smash is a living card game with a low learning curve but many strategies that appeals to advanced players who crave strategy and cool combos.

I'm bringing 2 (of the 20 pictured above) super-prototype decks to PAX East on Friday night from 4-8pm for folks to try out. Hope to see you there!