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Shoot 'Em Up Spaceships

Designed by: Joe Joyce
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 45 minutes +/- Files:  - 


Each player secretly chooses and places, face down, 3 actions for each friendly ship, then randomly draws 2 potential reaction cards for each ship. Players turn the first action card face up for all ships, then decide which ships, if any, get a reaction card to modify the played action, then all first round action and reaction cards are played "simultaneously", with all ships carrying out the results of the first round's actions and reactions. The 2nd and 3rd rounds of the turn are played similarly. All actions are fixed and must be played each round. Reaction cards are optional, played face down in each round after that round's actions are revealed but before they are played out on the board, then revealed during the playing out of that round.

Feedback Averages

The below numbers are the average scores, rated by the feedback forms collected.

4/5 game length
4/5 learning ease
4/5 decisions
4/5 downtime
4/5 interactivity
4/5 originality
4/5 fun

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