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Published by: Smart Play Games Designed by: Nick Ferris
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 30 minutes Files:  - 


In the year 10,000, the throne of EUROPA sits empty, without a clear successor. But in a distant future where politics have evolved into elegant psychic duels, taking the throne will not be so easy. Only the competitor who best proves their psychic abilities will become HEIR TO EUROPA.

Players are trying to win the most support of Europa's people by calling in favors from Europa's leaders. Each suit is a faction of Europa's culture, descended from the long-forgotten original colonists. Each faction-leader lends their talents to the player tentatively, depending on how much Loyalty they have left.

Presented previously as "Les Cartes Misérables." Come play the new base game and try out exciting new expansions!