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Published by: Designed by: Matt Voss
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 10+ Time: 30-90 Minutes Files: RULES  - 


"The Gods have sent you back to fight again. As weary as you are, you blink away the memories of Valhalla and pick up your weapon, ready to charge into battle once again in defense of Midgard, until the next time the Gods bring you back."

Runecast is a 2-6 player cooperative board game where you become a Viking warrior, attempting to defeat Loki and his evil machinations in order to postpone Ragnarok for a little while longer. The Gods have chosen you because of your experience and abilities. Can you defend Midgard?

If you enjoy games like: Sentinels of the Multiverse, Forbidden Island, or Castle Panic, you will enjoy Runecast!

Runecast includes the following:

9 Double-sided 10" x 10" Battle Boards
6 4" x 8" Character Boards
32 Custom Engraved Dice
32 Card Fate Deck
16 Card Loki's Chosen Deck
6 Card Hero's Fate Deck
7 Death Tokens
7 Health tokens
24 "Breakpoint" resource tokens

In Runecast, players take turns doing battle with foes. Runecast contains 32 dice, featuring Mjolnir - Thor's Hammer, Jörmungandr - the World Serpent, and Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life.

Runecast is simple, can remember what to do on your turn just by saying DUR! (don't say it too much though, it may make you look strange and unhinged in front of friends and loved ones. I suggest adding "Ho" in front.}

Draw: Players decide if they want to draw a card from their Fate hand. Each player is dealt a hand that they can't look at. They need to decide if the situation is worth tempting Fate and possibly drawing a card that makes things worse! The lure of valuable armor and weapons is very strong, and can't always be resisted!

Use: A player can decide to use their ability. Remember, you can use your ability at any point on your turn, or on other players turns! You may need to discuss what is best strategically for the group.

Roll: Grab a handful of awesome dice and roll to for damage! Each Hammer result is 1 wound to your enemy, each Snake result is 1 die added to Loki's pool, and each Tree can be used to heal a hitpoint, up to a max of 2 hitpoints per turn!

After each round, one player must roll all of the dice collected by Loki during the round.

Once the dice have been rolled the player will determine who is targeted by Loki by drawing a card from the Loki Deck.

After assigning damage, Loki's servant will have to resolve the remaining dice to determine if a Battle ability or a Boon was triggered.