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It's Just Business

Designed by: Matt Saunders
Players: 3 - 6 Ages: 10+ Time: 30-45 minutes Files: RULES  - 


It’s Just Business is a deal making game where players make offers to complete jobs for a Mob Boss. Completing the job costs time, money, and reputation, all of which are limited resources the Boss must manage. However, each job awards various types of notoriety needed to win the game. It’s up to the Mob Boss to discern which offers can be trusted and which might simply be bluffs or backstabs.

Players take turns being the Mob Boss for the round. The Mob Boss selects a job, announcing how they want it completed: cheap, fast, or clean--but they can only pick two of the three! The Associates (the other players) present offers to the Mob Boss, hoping to earn the Boss’ favor. The chosen offer affects the Mob Boss’ money, time, and reputation. When one or more of a player’s resources is depleted, he or she is finished taking turns being the Mob Boss. The game ends when all players deplete one or more resources. At the end of the game, players reveal respect, revenge, and leverage tokens as well as their favor tokens that count towards their notoriety. The player with the most notoriety wins.