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Skirmish Dice

Designed by: Bryan Fischer, Bryan Smith
Players: 2 - 2 Ages: 8+ Time: 60 minutes Files:  - 

Skirmish Dice

Ancient and mysterious entities, known only as Artifacts, drift from planet to planet engulfing entire civilizations. They travel together, appear on a planet, and cause nations to frenzy. Most recently, they appeared on Gallia. Players represent factions fighting for control of these Artifacts. Some want them destroyed entirely. Some simply don’t want them in enemy hands. And still, others want to use their power to enslave the world. Players will have to build their teams and enter the battlefield. Lose, and you have failed your people, perhaps your entire civilization.

Skirmish Dice is a customizable skirmish game. Using powerful leaders, sizeable brutes, clever totems, and more, players customize their teams and send them into battle. Units are represented by dice on the field, and each unit’s corresponding card holds its actions, abilities, statistics, and more. The game is highly tactical and meant to move, meaning you can get the experience of a skirmish/squad level miniatures or card game in a smaller timeframe.

While the units are dice, the game doesn’t suffer from luck-induced chaos. The dice faces are significant to character abilities and are rolled to receive offensive and defensive bonuses. It’s streamlined and quick to learn, but the strategy runs deep as team building can offer hundreds of combinations within factions.ions within factions.