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Martial World's

Designed by: Rick V of Venson Products and Services LLC.
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 7+ Time: average of 90 minute Files:  - 

Martial World

This Trainers Edition is an American style, strategy card game which challenges players to win martial arts based sparring matches, using technique based "micro-messaged" collectible cards.

Each game box is designed for 2 to 5 players, intended for anyone ages 7 and up, comes with a single magnifying glass**, and no martial arts experience is necessary.

These combat strategy card games combine point-trick mechanics with card-capturing mechanics for deck building purposes. We call the deck building process "Building Your Form".

The fun is how cleverly the combination of multiple forms of martial arts technique terms, combine into round robin melees of attacks, blocks, and counter maneuvers. Here's how. Players spar in rounds which are initiated by the role of the dice and the round winners keeps the technique cards to add to their form.

Ultimately our novel mechanics, embedded surprises, and our school based narrative features, provide players the opportunity to experience the many benefits of martial arts without the Epson salt. All may play and enjoy.

You are welcome to zoom into our game snapshot to sneak a peak for yourselves...

** The magnifying glass is only while supplies last