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Valor: Age of Magic

Designed by: Roy Cannaday
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 13+ Time: 90-120 min Files:  - 

Valor: Age of Magic

Valor: Age of Magic is a fantasy 4x Game where players will explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate to end the game with the most valor and lead your race to victory!

A winged black dragon has killed the emperor in the capital city of Falcon Spire. Now is the time to rise up and set yourself up as the new emperor. But only the leader with the most valor shall prevail!

Each player will play a different fantasy race who will conquer new lands, research powerful spells and upgrades, and advance the age of your civilization. All wile mustering troops and defending what is rightfully yours! The game ends when one of the four end game conditions have been met. Then the player with the most valor shall be victorious!

Game mechanics: Simultaneous actions - Resource Management -Modular Board - Asymmetrical Powers - Dice Combat

Valor is a prototype that I am looking to get feedback from strangers and new players. I have been working on and playtesting valor for over a year and would love to get more exposure & Feedback! There will be an optional survey players can take to help with feedback and a sell sheet with info on the game and contact information. I hope you will join the fight for Valor!

If you have any questions feel free to tweet at me @roycannaday