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Secret Society

Designed by: Franklin Kenter and Jeremy Commandeur
Players: 4 - 8 Ages: 10+ Time: 20 minutes Files: RULES  - 

Secret Society

You are a member of a secret society that runs the world. Aquire control of various institutions to gain power. Lead your faction to total world domination.

Unique Fast-Paced Strategic Hidden Identity Game.

Four teams each with their own theme.

Each player is playing to two teams at once and can win with either.

Players negotiate and vote to gain control of buildings; each with a unique ability.

Players can save up influence to vote for themselves.

No player elimination. Strong tension and suspense until game end.

No “Open your eyes, close your eyes” phase.

Varied building selection and alternate win conditions create strong replay value.

Easily scales from 4 to 8 players without increasing playtime.