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The Grand Flix

Designed by: Jeremy Peet
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 8+ Time: 10-20 Minutes Files:  - 

The Grand Flix

"Fleas from around the world have come to compete in a race of grueling speed and agility known as the Grand Flix. Only one champion will emerge from the ranks to become the most legendary flea of all time!"

The Grand Flix is a dexterity racing game in which two to four players take turns launching, flicking, and spinning discs over the playing surface. Each player controls a single flea disc and must navigate obstacles and complete checkpoints in numeric order before landing on the finish line. Checkpoints and obstacles are double sided and are flipped during game play to create an ever-changing race course. The goal for each player is to be the first to land their flea on the finish line.

The Grand Flix does not utilize a playing board and is only limited by the flat surface it is played on.
Designed to fit into a 100ml tin, the Grand Flix is a compact and easily transportable game.