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Designed by: Rob Jordan
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 16+ Time: 45 Files: RULES  -  PnP


In the world of Ellian, nothing is as it seems. The powers of the ancients still surge throughout the lands. Titans, once slumbering are now awake and hungry for power. Only those that are strong of heart and mind survive this land. You are an adventurer, answering the call of the King. His ranks of Champions need filling, and you need a job. You and your fellow contestants will fight to survive the Labyrintheus. A vast magical catacomb sprawling deep below the Royal Palace. Here you will face adversaries not only of your homeland, but also of those of your party members. Deadly traps riddle the damp halls. Outsmart your party members, and be the one to survive. For if you survive Labyrintheus, you will become a Kings Champion!

Labyrintheus is a card game consisting of two main decks, The Encounter Deck and The Treasure Deck. This turn based card game will scale from 2 players up to 4 players. Each character has 10 Treasure cards and 10 Encounter cards, that they combine with the rest of the party to form the two main decks. But that’s not all, every time you reshuffle the encounter deck you must add two Encounter Difficulty Increase cards raising the difficulty of each and every encounter card. The persona card itself will act as your inventory system. You may equip items you find in Labyrintheus simply by placing the card in the appropriate slot. Your persona card will give you all the information you need to play your selected persona properly.

If you die, no worries. You only become an undead servant of the King. Use the Undead Persona card with a new special ability, and start taking on the other players.

There are two ways to win at Labyrintheus. First, each time you defeat a monster from your homeland you receive a Gate Stone. Collect 4 Gate Stones, and you will summon a Titan to fight. If you defeat the Titan and can complete the portal summoning spell, you exit Labyrintheus and win! 2nd, be the last person to survive! Think you have what it takes?

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3/5 game length
4/5 learning ease
3/5 decisions
3/5 downtime
4/5 interactivity
0/5 originality
4/5 fun

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