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Designed by: T. hardy
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 10+ Time: 60 to 90 minutes Files: RULES  - 


Go in an adventure filled with extreme action, fierce tactics and clever strategies
'Stealth'- a highly
tactical movement. A movement so strategic, it goes unnoticed. Move strategically on the map of the places where the extreme cop-criminal encounter is happening. Shoot your opponents as you go in shootouts in intense card games in the middle of the board game. Use your weapons sparingly, don't let your health get over. Go in a battle of wits as you play the most thrilling strategy action gaming experience.


The Western Alley is a quiet and peaceful locality in the city. But that just makes it a suitable place for the perfect crime. An experienced burglar is about to loot a house in this alley. A professional murderer has been paid to kill a man living in this alley. The most wanted terrorist is planning to plant a bomb in the same alley. They are the best in their fields. When they find out that they all have their eyes on the same place, they unite and form the deadliest criminal trio ever. They plan to sabotage the alley on the same day, at the same time, together, as a team.
Thankfully, the bravest cop in town is looking for the burglar. The brainiest detective is on the trail of the murderer. The best commando in the country is tracing the terrorist. After a lot of investigation, when they individually learn about the criminal master plan in the alley, they unite to form another elite trio. A justice trio.

The two trios finally collide in the alley.

The Maps:
The game is played in three phases out of which the first is the clash in the alley. Not just the alley, the justice trio and the criminal trio clash in three different places as exiting and thrilling as the The Riverside Mountains and The Mansion, each with a gripping story line and a hugely different game play.

Alternative ways to play:
The game can be played 2 alternative and advanced ways providing a completely changed game in the same components.
A couple of small modifiers also help making the game have an a extremely high replay value.