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A Royal Bastard

Designed by: Val Teixeira
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 20-30 minutes Files:  - 

A Royal Bastard

The King's Seneschal has mysteriously died. In order to find a successor, the King has turned to his Royal Bastards. Surely, with their reputation for having a great time, they will be able to rise to the task.

As one of the King's disavowed, you have been invited to host a grand party. Along with the other players, you will fill the banquet hall with food, drink, performers, servants, wonders and nobles, in the hopes to gain popularity with the King, put him in a more generous mood, and, perhaps, pocket a little profit for yourself.

You also have a nefarious task - a Noble needs to be relieved of his life. This is an unpopular move that will end the party for sure, but one that will earn a tidy sum for the daring bastard who manages to catch the unaware and distracted noble in their snare.

Bluff, scheme and sneak your way into the most wealth and you will be the envy of all the Royal's Bastards and the King's new Seneschal.

During the game, players will be rolling a dice to determine which area of the party is most demanding of his attention. From the options made available, the player chooses a spot they feel will be most beneficial to their goals. They may choose to gain the effects for themselves or blame/reward another player with those effects. They may then push their luck and attempt to utilize a nearby spot. Of course, there are hidden dangers amongst these choices, often laid down by your fellow bastards, so the choice isn't an easy one. Don't worry though, because you'll be able to lay down tempting prizes and dangers for them as well.

You'll have to navigate through the different paths to wealth in order to win. With a surprising amount of depth, risk assessment and brutally tough decisions this is not a game for the faint of heart, but certainly one for the black of heart.