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Designed by: Kim Brebach
Players: 2 - 8 Ages: 10+ Time: 15 - 30 Files: RULES  - 


Olympus is shaking to its foundations. Faith among the mortals is waning and with it the very power of the pantheon.

Zeus is in a rage;

"Hear me Gods! I command you to send forth my MONSTROUS pets. Make them rain from the heavens and erupt from the underworld. We will rekindle these mortals' faith - through FEAR!"

MONSTROUS is a game of gods and monsters, fear and faith, dexterous skills and tactical combos.

Players are gods throwing mythical monster cards from their hand onto a shared tableau of ancient Greek locations to gain as much faith as possible. But a strong guiding hand is not enough - cunning use of tactical monster and location powers is the key to gaining the most faith of all the gods, and the favor of Zeus.

MONSTROUS blends stunning art of mythic Greece with quick card throwing, fist pumping action and the tactical combos that gods and gamers love. Every game is different and there are optional rules to tailor your MONSTROUS experience for children, team play and longer games with legendary monsters.

And yes, you can release the Kraken.

2 - 5 players or 4, 6 or 8 players in teams.