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Designed by: Bobby Doran
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 6+ Time: 30 - 60 Files:  - 


Simiopolis - Building a Bitter Tomorrow

The Earth is over-populated and desparate
for space. We need to colonize quickly.
There is no time to waste.
There is no need for engineers.
We just need to build, build, build.
You are one of the lucky Captains that
have been chosen to help colonize a recently
discovered Earth-like planet.
The planet is temporarily being called
El Mundo.
You and your fellow Captains
will be leading a team that builds
the colony of Simiopolis.
The Captain that finishes the best section
of the colony in the shortest period of time
Will be awarded the role of Political Leader
and their name will be considered for the
new name of this unexplored planet.

Simiopolis is a hex tile placing game with a bit of memory and press your luck. Players explore terrain tiles and collect resources that allow them to build colony buildings and explore new terrain tiles. Points are awarded on certain tiles, for majorities and placement location of terrain tiles.