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Mecha Mettle

Designed by: Geoff Villanueva & Duane Rajkumar
Players: 2 - 2 Ages: 14+ Time: 30 minutes Files: RULES  -  PnP

Mecha Mettle

In the distant future, the galaxy is at war. Battle rages across the stars as campaigns for resources are won and lost in the vastness of space. Your role in this conflict puts you at the helm of a customized ship, whose purpose is to engage your enemies in thrilling and strategic space combat. Successful command requires you to know how to use your ship to its fullest. Attacking with your modules, evading incoming assaults, and maintaining the ship’s integrity is all done with the end goal of taking advantage of weaknesses in your enemy’s defense. Be strong, be brave, and most importantly, take risks.

Game Overview
Mecha Mettle is a 2 player card and dice game where the players are engaged in space combat as captains of their own custom ships. Players build their ship by playing module cards and choosing components that give special ship abilities. Battle takes place by firing with modules and rolling dice to resolve combat. Positioning and taking advantage of Line of Sight is the key to winning.

Defeat your opponent by destroying 5 of their 9 open ports.

Key Features
-Unique line of sight combat.
-Customize your ship with a variety of component cards.
-Combine and upgrade your module cards.