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Designed by: Red Duke Games
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 8+ Time: 15 - 45 Files: RULES  - 


Numinous - "Where Every Creature Counts" - is a card-based numbers game, where you continually add points in order to reach and keep a Victory Number. Use mythical creatures and villagers to earn points or keep your opponents from reaching the same goal. As a bonus; learn a little about the Mythical Creatures you love and learn how they can really change the game.
Players play a card from their hand to ultimately reach the Victory Number before the other player(s). First one to reach the Victory Number without being stopped, wins. Every card played gets you closer to or further away from the goal. Do you add points with your villagers or add points with a Beastie. A Beastie? What’s that, you ask? The Beasties are the creatures and monsters from Myth, Lore and Legend, each with their own specific abilities and points values. Play a Big Monster, earn points, or maybe play a different Beastie and eat an opponent's villager and really make the game change. To a Beastie, Villagers ARE the other white meat.
Will you have the numbers and Beasties needed to reach the Victory Number? Once there, will the other players be able to stop you?

Feedback Averages

The below numbers are the average scores, rated by the feedback forms collected.

4/5 game length
4/5 learning ease
2/5 decisions
4/5 downtime
3/5 interactivity
2/5 originality
2/5 fun

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