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Designed by: Weston Stapleton
Players: 2 - 2 Ages: 13+ Time: 25 mins Files:  - 


Beneficiary is a 2-player game of scheming and second-guessing, with a side-order of push-your-luck.

Each player is one of two siblings, both prominent political figures within Nigeria's government. In an unfortunate circumstance, their rich father, a foreign national from Connecticut, was killed in an airplane crash. His bank account is now being locked down by government auditors in the US. The players will be seeking assistance from bank account holders in order to transfer the inheritance money back to Nigeria and into their own accounts. The player with the most Naira in their account at the end of the game is the winner.

In Beneficiary, the players will each choose 5 of the 8 counties in Connecticut to send mass emails to. Each county has a Naira value (per supporter) and a special ability. The 3 counties not chosen will provide the player with a special ability they can use during the game. If both players choose the same counties they will have to bribe and negotiate with each other until one backs down.

Then, each county is resolved individually. The active player will choose pairs of tiles secretly arranged by their opponent. They will continue until they are happy with the number of supporters, or until they fail out because of scam reports. Each successful supporter will add Naira to the active player's score. Will you cash in the supporters early enough or will you push your luck too far and have to withdraw from the county?