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Radical 80's Arcade

Designed by: Kevin Gordon
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 10+ Time: 90-120 minutes Files: RULES  - 

Radical 80

In Radical 80's Arcade, players are tasked with building and running their own 80's style arcade. Each round, players assign their employees to the jobs they wish them to perform such as advertising, hiring more help, visiting the private seller or auction hall, building a larger food counter, fixing broken machines, cleaning up, or even sabotaging rival arcades. Players aim to populate their arcades with the machines their customers want to play. Customers are represented by cards with two or three different genres of games they wish to play. Every round, players gain new customer cards and must then assign them all to a machine the customer is interested in. Customers that cannot be placed leave the arcade and give the player negative victory points. Once a customer has played all the games they desire, they leave satisfied and give the player positive victory points. Occupied arcade machines pay out at the end of the round, giving the player money to spend in later rounds.

Though it may sound easy, these customers come with different traits: some want to play their games in a very specific order. Some play rough and tend to break the machines they use. Others are skilled, reducing the amount of income generated. And finally, some customers are just slobs and create excess mess that must be cleaned up. Too much trash and people start leaving your arcade, damaging your reputation in the process.

The player with the most points at the end of the game has built the most Radical 80's Arcade, and is declared the winner!