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Designed by: Carlos Coral and Benjamin Reinhart
Players: 3 - 7 Ages: 16+ Time: 4 hrs Files:  - 


Asylum is an adventure tabletop role-playing game set in a hard-boiled urban fantasy world that parallels our own. Players take the roles of covert magical contractors involved in clandestine adventures. The name of the game is both a major theme, single-word description, and main in-game organization. Player characters are members or affiliates of Asylum, which is dedicated to a world where supernatural creatures (Outsiders) and regular humans (Insiders) can live together in harmony.

Asylum's "default" theme is neo-noir, focusing on spies, thieves, contractors and agents. For the debut of our wide new universe, we're putting the biggest conflicts at the front and center! Can humanity organize itself before the old gods from Outside return to Earth? Can Outsiders finally escape their fixed destinies to start a whole new life on our unique and beautiful world? What happens when shadowy groups of humans push forward their anti-Outsider immigration agenda and start to take violent action?

How far will your character go to keep the peace? How much will your character be forever changed by the incredible new things experienced? Step into our world and find out!