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Backyard Astronaut

Designed by: Adam Buckingham
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 8+ Time: 30 Min Files:  - 

Backyard Astronaut

Backyard astronaut is a rocket-building tile game. Players will collect parts from stacks of tiles representing a junkyard in order to build the best rocket. Parts in the junkyard are free if they are on top of a pile, or players can pay points to dig deeper in a pile.

Points are scored by adding combinations of tiles (fuel tanks and engines) or sets of tiles (different types of science instruments) or based on aspects of the rocket (height, width, total number of engines/science).

There are also public scoring conditions that vary each game, which might award points for things like the tallest or widest rocket, first rocket with a given combination of parts, or the rocket with the most parts of a given color.