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The City Beneath

Designed by: Adam Buckingham
Players: 3 - 6 Ages: 13+ Time: 45 Min Files:  - 

The City Beneath

Players are a band of thieves who just pulled off a heist. They have one week to stash their loot in locations around the city. Each day, players visit one location, dropping a piece of loot (or a decoy) secretly at the location. They then gain a skill depending on the location they chose. The person who stashes the most loot at a location by week's end will keep all the loot stashed at the location.

However, the cops are on your trail. Visiting the same location as another player on the same day raises the heat for that location. Players will also leave tips for the cops to add more heat to locations. Each heat added reduces the value of a location, when too much heat is added, a location becomes compromised and all loot at the location is lost.

The City Beneath is a hidden information/deduction game. Players place loot tokens face down, so other players know they left a token, but don't know the value (0-3) of the given token. Character skills allow players to take actions that help them in the game. These might provide information like looking at placed loot tokens or tips, or might allow them to manipulate their own actions, like moving their own loot tokens between locations or moving a cop pawn to block a location.
Players tip the cops 3 times during the game, but tips are not revealed until the end of the game. Players will also have hidden agenda goals that only they are trying to accomplish.