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Legacy of the Slayer

Designed by: Jay Treat
Players: 3 - 5 Ages: 12+ Time: 2 hours Files:  - 

Legacy of the Slayer

A legacy card RPG for 3-5 monster hunters.

The ghost stories you�ve heard are true. There are things that go bump in the night and they really do want to hurt you. Fortunately, one among you has been chosen to be the champion of her generation, to lead the fight against the ravenous unknown. But she can�t stand alone. You and your friends are dedicated to saving this little town from big evil, and sometimes the world too.

Create your own world based off of popular series where (relatively) normal people fight off supernatural threats in a modern setting, usually in secret. Draft characters with cards that define their talents, flaws, relationships and liabilities. Modify the cards as your characters grow and change organically.