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One Last Job

Designed by: Bill Paterno
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 12+ Time: 30-45 minutes Files:  - 

One Last Job

One Last Job is an action deduction game that pits one player (the spy) versus up to 3 players (security agents).

The spy has several objectives to obtain from securing secret documents to hacking computer terminals. The spy's location and movement is hidden to the security agents by playing moves on an identical map of paper. Security agents will have to deduce where the spy is located by utilizing several surveillance gadgets and keeping a look out. If the spy is detected at the right time the spy pawn is shown on the game board. The spy may choose to break line of sight to hide and continue to try to obtain more objectives or cut losses and find a way to escape the building.

With it's relatively short playing time (30 minutes) players can take turns playing as the spy and seeing who can score the most objectives.