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Designed by: Jason Blake
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 12+ Time: 120-180 Minutes Files: RULES  - 


A Sci-fi Ameritrash/Euro Hybrid Wargame.

"Rival nations compete for resources across their planet as the last hope to escape offworld. They seek out the ancient artifacts and technology necessary to build colony ships to leave their dying planet in a race against time. The searches will be perilous as warring factions battle for the limited resources across the landscape while entire sections of the planet collapse from planetary tremors and seismic activity. Once the players obtain the modules and construct their colony ship, they must transport it to the last remaining launchpad and launch before the impending destruction of their homeworld."

Gameplay consists of managing your empire until you can safely evacuate your people offworld. Players must recruit more units, manage their economy, explore their surroundings, wage war against enemies, and obtain the resources necessary to construct their Colony Ship. The game is played in rounds made up of 6 phases per round: Recruit / Movement / Combat / Production / Combine / Tremor Roll. Each phase ends when all players pass or the phase actions are resolved. The first player token is passed clockwise at the end of each round after the Tremor Roll phase is resolved.

In Cysmic, there are no points. The game is won by achieving the objective. The first player to construct and transport their colony ship to the launchpad and launch it successfully wins the game.