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Dragon's Gamble

Designed by: John Clair
Players: 3 - 5 Ages: 12+ Time: 2 hours Files:  - 


This is a medium to heavy card game. It has a Fantasy theme with heroes, dragons, magic, etc. Each player is the leader of a power faction contending for the post power in the realm by recruiting forces of Fire, Light, Earth, and Darkness.
•Core-Mechanic: The game has many similarities to poker, with betting, calling, raising, folding, and bluffing. Each player has a personal deck from which he will be drawing cards. The game plays in a series of repeating "Hands". Each "Hand" has 3 rounds during which players will play cards from their deck, and can bet, fold, call the bet, or raise the bet. At the end of the 3 rounds, or if all but 1 player folds, the player with the most battle strength wins the "pot". In each round players can either use the cards they play to add to their "Battle strength" which will help them win the pot, or can send them to recruit new cards. The new cards add to their deck and will help in future "Hands." The balance is that a player who devotes cards to the "Battle" will more likely win the pot, but wont be adding cards to his deck, thereby making his deck worse than other players and hurting his chance at winning future hands. Players must navigate the balance of improving their deck with trying to win the hand.
•This game is all about the epic combos players can pull off, and the variety of cards means a huge variety of decks and combos players can make. The game has a unique mechanic for determining "battle strength" which fits appropriately with the poker style betting--the difference between a bad hand and great hand can be 1 well placed card, which, like "the river" in Texas Hold'em, other players wont see until the final reveal.