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Alter Arms

Designed by: Duffy Austin
Players: 2 - 6 Ages: 10+ Time: 90 Min Files:  - 

Alter Arms

Alter Arms is a rules-lite, narrative based tabletop RPG that asks the question: “What happens after the teenagers with attitude have defeated the evil empire?”

Players take on the role of heroes or villains with the ability to transform into beings with incredible powers, in a world where such people are becoming alarmingly more common!

Are you a monster in disguise? A super robot made to look human? Do you gain powers from a special belt? Or transform into enchanted royalty by drawing power from celestial bodies?

What will you become?

Only by working together and overcoming their individual issues can players gain more powerful forms.

Alter Arms takes influences from tokusatsu shows like Power Rangers, Masked Rider, The Guyver and Sailor Moon.