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Mizer: The Sagas

Designed by: Ian Reed & Daniel Yee
Players: 2 - 2 Ages: 8+ Time: 30 minutes Files:  - 

Mizer: The Sagas

Fierce battles rage across the land. Two tyrannous forces wage wars to bend the world to their will. Twisted wizards contort wastelands to fields of lava, and lakes into terrible landscapes of ice. The Mizers of Ice have been pressed off of the land by torrents of flames and sparks, and through forced retreats, have been held prisoners within their own frozen island kingdom. Though within the walls of this kingdom, the forces of winds and frost have joined together and rebuilt this terrible army. Marching against the forces of the Mizers of Fire, they have crossed the sea of glaciers, and have returned to reclaim the land by laying frozen waste to the Kingdom of Fire deep within the great volcano, The Mouth of Flames.

Opponents are pitted against each other in strategic skirmishes, outmaneuvering each other by skilled moves and timely spell casting. These spells can create impassible areas on the board, trap opposing pieces, and set up opposing pieces for capturing.

Mizer: The Sagas the board game is the start to our epic interactive comic series filled with glorious victories, and terrifying perils. In the base set, players play through issue #1, "The Return of the Ice Mizers", a simple chess variant, to understand the basics of play.