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De Stijl

Published by: Designed by: Lucas Gerlach
Players: 2 - 5 Ages: 10+ Time: 30 minutes Files:  - 

De Stijl

A quick battle of colors, card placement, and spatial reasoning.

The Premise
In the manner of Piet Mondrian and the other artists of the De Stijl movement, create a masterpiece of straight lines and primary colors. De Stijl is a beautifully simple game that will challenge your spatial reasoning and foresight as you strategically place and overlap cards.

The Goal
End the game with the most points. Earn one point for each separate field in your color. Earn bonus points for the largest color fields.

How to Play
• Choose a color.
• On each turn, choose one card from the active card stack.
• Place the card, overlapping 2-4 squares on cards that have already been placed.
• Tally the points after each stack is depleted.

Key Strategy
Join your opponents’ color fields together while keeping your color fields far apart. At the same time, try to end the game with the largest color fields.