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Designed by: Kevin & April Cox
Players: 2 - 4 Ages: 8+ Time: 1 hour Files:  - 


This dice game utilizes the unique dice mechanic from Space Movers. While playtesting Space Movers, we found that the dice mechanic was very popular and often produced cheers and high-fives at the game table. We wanted to create a game that featured the dice mechanic in a way that would appeal to a larger audience.

The game is simple. Players assume the role of a Knight in a fantasy medieval setting. They attempt to complete various quests with die rolls and the help of Squire Cards. The quests come in three categories:

Cooperative-choose another player to roll with you on a quest. Both players earn Nobility with a successful check.

Competitive- challenge another player to determine who is the better Knight. The victor earns Treasure.

Solo-try a quest on your own to prove your merit and earn Favor.

Earning Favor, Treasure and Nobility allows each player a chance to gain the support of other characters in the Kingdom. The characters rank in three levels and players must gain the support of 1 from each level. Earning this support is done in a Solo die roll much like a quest. If you win their support, these characters will help you for the rest of the game. Once players have a character from each level they may then attempt to win the support of the King. If successful, they are the chosen one and win the game.