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Draft Game: Bahadina

Designed by: Josh Michel
Players: 2 - 7 Ages: 13+ Time: 15 Minutes Files:  - 

Draft Game: Bahadina


Welcome to Bahadina, the most beautiful port city known in any realm. As a foreign dignitary newly arriving to the city you are seeking to establish a new partnership to increase your land’s prosperity through trade and good will. There are many individuals and groups in Bahadina that may help you in your quest. Will you turn to the Royals, with prestige and deep pockets? Or the Wizards of Bahadina, known for manipulating time and the future? Maybe the Peasants, who may appear unimportant, but when gathered together are powerful indeed? Or will you help the Pirates hoist their black flags and deceive and steal your way to your goals?

Be on the lookout however, as other dignitaries also roam the city as you do, looking to sway the populous for their goals. Each day they meet with different city members the same as you, all vying for the ear of the most powerful of the city.


Bahadina is a draft game. The goal of the game is to collect cards to score the more points than your opponents.

The gameplay of Bahadina is defined by its days. Every day each player will select a card from their current hand and draft it. All of the days combined are a week. There are 6 days in a Bahadina week!

At the end of the week the player or players with the highest point total win!